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How does your definition of TA success   
Align with that of your business and HR partners? 

TA Metrics clarify what success looks like

Establishing TA Metrics

Have you been tasked with establishing Talent Acquisition (TA) metrics or a TA Scorecard for your organization and you're unsure how to get started?  We offer a 1 hour consult for $299 during which we share our framework which has successfully served multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

This includes the 5 dimensions of a comprehensive TA Scorecard, example metrics within each dimension, the importance of targets, and guidance on what / when to report.  Get your questions answered during the consult and keep the slides that are reviewed for your future reference.

Your consult will be with Tim Streeter, Founder of for TA by TA who spent 25 years working in consulting and human resources including global leadership roles in Talent Acquisition at Accenture and Whirlpool, and has spent the years since advising select clients on TA Strategy and Operations.
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