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TA professionals are least satisfied with these TA Services

Lowest Rated TA Services

21.  Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

4.31  36,141 Ratings

Companies that provide software to store candidate leads and manage communication campaigns to different categories of candidates, sometimes called Talent Relationship Management (TRM)

22.  Employer Brand & Careers Sites

4.30  33,854 Ratings

Companies that create and advise on style, content, and branding of Careers websites and employer value proposition messaging

23.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

4.27  19,610 Ratings

Companies that manage the entire recruitment process for all or a portion of your full-time professionals

24.  Job Distribution

4.27  22,514 Ratings

Companies that manage the process of getting your job postings listed on relevant job boards

25.  Job Search Sites

4.07  223,607 Ratings

Companies that run websites with job postings, employer reviews, or other content targeting people looking for jobs


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